Economics through Creative Consciousness
To achieve a life in harmony with Creation

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What is meant by Economics in harmony with Creative Consciousness?

The intellectual consciousness of humanity has been divorced from the original, ancient knowledge of or provided by the Universe. It is a presumption that this intellectual consciousness is the highest value in all areas of society, peoples and cultures. It is used in the exercise of power over the entire Earth.

This diagram shows: Maximum profit equals to minimal consciousness

Diagram by J. H. Löffler

This has led to the principal of «maximizing profit» which, in turn, leads to placing ones own good at the center of all economic dealing. Ruthless exploitation and the destruction of nature are the consequences of this focus and have resulted in planetary crisis and natural catastrophe all of which can be traced to the actions of Man. We will all suffer as a consequence.

The word «Economy» comes from the Greek: «oikos nomos» and means, «law of the house». In an Economics through Creative Consciousness it is important to conduct economic processes and activities on the secure basis of these universal laws and wisdom. Thereby we can conduct economic practices that encourage for all creatures the possibility of a life in harmony with Creation.

This means that the solution of our personal and also our global problems can take place, only, with the unity of the rational and the emotional and with the knowledge of the heart (intuition). Decisive, is that one gives the inspiration of intuition the space, validity and trust required. And then to actually realize them in what we do. This leads to success.

When this is achieved, Creative Power can develop within us and we are set free to understand, feel and deal independently. With this independence our Creative Power can help us to take over responsibility and do our part to bring about concrete benefit to the regeneration of our wonderful planet Earth.

What I provide through Creatively Conscious Economics

Financial consultation, support and advice

Development, in partnership, of financial concepts and structural assistence

Day-long workshops, weekend seminars and the conference «Zukunftswerkstatt» for the recultivation of economics

Lectures in Economics through Creative Consciousness

About me

Reinhold Dyroff, graduierter Betriebswirt, Economics through Creative Consciousness

I was born in 1953, in the year of the Snake. After an apprenticeship in commerce, I completed my university studies in Business Management. I have completed further training as a Computer Specialist and even further specialization as a Business Consultant. I have worked in a diverse variety of companies and branches of business. I have collected experience both as an employee and as a self-employed person. In all of my various employment I was interested in the human dynamic and the collective work process. I was also interested in the influence of these on the work atmosphere, productivity and the environment.

From 1989 to 2004 I learned from my spiritual teacher, Johannes Heinz Löffler, how to develop myself in Creative Consciousness (Intuition). I also learned to connect the different studies, qualifications, and business experience with my spiritual path. This personal experience brought me to Creatively Conscious Economics. In this I am able to assist people in many different projects and help them to use their own abilities so that they may, through vocation, support themselves financially and fulfill their part in servicing the greater good.

Our project «Sonnenwind» (externer Link), an organic food shop and delivery service, founded in 1995 by my wife Hildegard Dyroff (externer Link) and me, is a living example of Creatively Conscious Economics.

Since the death of Johannes Heinz Löffler in 2004 all the other active members, my wife Hildegard and I run the Creative Consciousness Center Oase (Oasis) (externer Link), and on this same site an Oase healing house (externer Link) has been established in 2009.

Reinhold Dyroff · graduierter Betriebswirt
Schaarweg 70 · 23730 Neustadt · Germany
Phone: +49 4561 525 36-70